Mission Code Rouge イベント終了!

この一晩のすばらしいエンターテイメントを提供してくださった私の自慢アーティスト:日本一の素晴らしい双子ちゃんのアクロバティックポール&ジャズダンサーのChiharu とChikage、元シルクドソレイユアーティストでアエリアルフープダンサー、Christi Ray、素晴らしいヴァイオリンのPaul Florea、そしてパーティーといえばDJ Paipai!そして忘れてはならない通訳のAlexandra Bodin.

21st (thu), The very exciting full on entertainment and GERARD BERTRAND’s Special New Label CODE ROUGE, at the “Mission Code Rouge” party that all of my very dear friends has joined us to !! Thank you SO MUCH from the bottom of my heart, as the party would not have been the same without you!! I hope everyone enjoyed every minute of the evening and will bring back with them an amazing SMILE, discovery of your sixth sense for wine, but also great company, and Amazing entertainers: the Twins acrobatic jazz and pole dancers, Chiharu and Chikage,Astonishing Aerial Hoop acrobat and former Cirque du Soleil artist, Christi Ray, Amazing violin play from Paul Florea and Extraordinary Dj Paipai !!Thank you SO much for your GREAT TALENT!
I Style Japan is proud to announce that we had 300 people attending this event and will continue organising parties enhancing the beauty of entertainment and gastronomy alliance and would love to have you join our events in the future!
We are truly Looking forward to see you at out next events! See you soon!! (The photos of the event will be up soon!!)

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