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Our story began in 2010, When Clara, had the wish of building a salon that makes people feel more confident everyday and help them build their pursuit of everyday happiness.

In 2011, She opened her first in Denenchofu, the “Beverly Hills of Tokyo” where she grew up with her family in Japan.
The Gel Nails at that time, being the biggest fashion trend in Japan, she was designing “France”, her culture, that Japanese are a big fan of, onto the nails of fashionista Ladies Living in the elegant neighborhood.

While maintaining the Salon in Denenchofu, in 2012, she opened a Fashion Selected Store in the heart of Tokyo, SHIBUYA. A real oasis in the midst of a busy area called < Clara’s Secret > having as concept “One in the world”, again, having the wish to make every single woman feel special by wearing a fashion item that was exclusive, just like they are.

In 2015, Clara dream went bigger:
She wanted to help Japanese entrepreneurs make their dreams come true by helping them building up their personal confidence and image, that were not highlighted enough at their deserved value because of the invisible pressure from the society.

She then decided to team up with the “GENIUSES” of each industry and transformed her beauty Salon into a confidence building photo studio and beauty salon where she would do “Confidence Coaching” called < Studio C > to give a wink to “Confidence” through photography.

ボダン クララ


CEO | 創設者

ウィル  エヴァン


COO | オペレーションディレクター

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